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Vertical Integration

We connect worlds. Shorter product life cycles, more stringent regulations and global competition are forcing companies to integrate their manufacturing systems into their management applications. One very promising solution is the integration of processes and information – vertically through all company levels!

RÖSBERG builds a bridge between the functional world of production and the managerial level of evaluation and assessment. With the implementation of a Manufacturing Execution System, MES, we ensure a fast, continuous flow of information. The priority objectives are to reduce costs, to cut delivery times and to place innovations on the market fast and profitably, in substantially shorter cycles, while producing cost-effectively.

Close to Process.

Manufacturing Execution Systems have their planning and control functions tailored directly to the real demands of production. An MES selects technical parameters from production, the core area of industrial value-added, and displays them in a condensed form. Bottlenecks such as machine downtimes or missing human resources are immediately recognized. Whether linked to a super-ordinate ERP system or used independently, an MES makes real time production planning and control possible for the responsible plant operator. In addition, company managers have access to information that provides important decisionmaking support.


By the information they provide, MES solutions ensure reliable product qualities and enhance the efficiency of production and logistic processes. They enable seamless traceability right down to the last batch – as required, for instance, by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and by the EU – and they improve the competitiveness of your enterprise. You can now enjoy the convenience of a ‘management cockpit’ that provides all the data relevant to production in real time at your fingertips. Take decisions on the basis of your factory’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Conduct informed analysis of strengths and weaknesses, based on up-to-the-minute productivity and efficiency figures. Improve production performance while reducing system costs at the same time.


An MES gives answer to questions like: How should we produce, what should we produce, what should be produced when, and when was something produced?

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