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E&I Engineering

E&I Engineering

We understand your business. Make full use of the experience we have gathered throughout the world in the project planning, assembly, commissioning and optimization of processing plants. With RÖSBERG you are always straight on course, because we provide both practical and systematic knowledge from one hand.
We are always at our best if you simply specify the objective and leave us to develop the solution. We regard ourselves as a supplier-neutral engineering partner and, in the light of our experience and market knowledge, we find the solution that is best for you both from a technical and economic point of view.


Long before tackling individual planning tasks, we outline and define the possibilities together with your specialists. This begins with the basic automation concepts, taking plant safety into account and includes questions of data communication, such as e.g. the use of fieldbusses. Aspects of power supply and energy saving, as well as cost estimates, are a part of this phase. You receive from us proposals for integrated automation, operating and monitoring concepts.

Project Management

Concentrate on your core tasks, and delegate the project management to RÖSBERG’s experienced specialists. We will manage all activities, including on-site work, and coordinate the various subcontractors. RÖSBERG supervises the roadmap for you and also arranges the necessary acceptance tests. On handover, you receive the I&C documentation in accordance with the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health.

  • Consulting for automation solutions
  • Automation concepts
  • Operator control and monitoring concepts
  • Power distribution concepts
  • Cost estimation
  • Project management

I&C Basic Engineering

When it comes to drawing up the specifications for sensors, actuators and countless other components, the in-depth experience, solid market knowledge and ‘sure touch’ of our engineers is much in demand. We take into account not only physical / technical boundary conditions, but also questions of reliability, availability and safety. Our approach is supplier-neutral. We consider cost-effectiveness and also take responsibility for observing relevant legislation and the numerous standards and guidelines that apply.

  • P&I diagram consulting
  • Instrument list
  • Power consumer list
  • Instrument specification
  • Technical quotation comparison
  • Procurement documentation
  • Tender specification
  • Logic diagrams 

We support your procurement with device specifications, technical bid comparisons and tailored ordering concepts.

Electrical Engineering

RÖSBERG is also your partner for the planning and design of electrical power supply. We plan and specify transformer, main distribution, low voltage distribution, motor control center (MCC), layout design of cables and routes and the tasks of earthing, lightning protection and potential equalization. Of course the RÖSBERG team also plans the electrical installation for you, including lighting, emergency lighting, fire alarm system and telephone system.

I&C Detail Engineering

This includes the control room and cabinet layouts, circuit diagrams and terminal diagrams. When planning the installation, our practical experience is a great advantage. We prioritize systems that are easy to modify and easy to install. RÖSBERG uses state-of-the-art CAE systems.  In the field of detail engineering we offer you:

  • Control room and cabinet layouts
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Loop diagrams
  • Terminal diagrams
  • Installation diagrams
  • Installation documentation
  • Use of CAE-engineering tools

Your contact person

Bernd Rastatter

Head of Process Automation

Phone: +49 721 950 18 25