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Now available at Google Play Store

It’s here at last! The new LiveDOK.mobile App, available now from Google Play Store. Our new version gives you even more comfortable access to your plant documentation and has new, attractive functions.

In the new version we have built in user feedback from our App LiveDOK.mobile, and we’ve also taken the changing conditions in the production environment into account.

Secured WLAN connections are found increasingly often in production plants. So the new version of our App now enables you to synchronize your plant documentation quite simply with LiveDOK NG via WLAN.

The battery runtime for Ex-proof mobile devices is now considerably longer, too. Combining our LiveDOK.mobile App with these devices means that you can go anywhere you want in the plant all day long – even in Ex-zones. And the best thing is: you always have the current status of your complete plant documentation at your fingertips, wherever you are.

Use of the LiveDOK.mobile App is intuitive and thus quickly mastered. So you and your employees can get going straight away. Redlining is a very simple matter.

Thanks to the unparalleled speed of the powerful full text search, you can find the documents you need in seconds. You save up to approx. 80 % of the time you would spend looking for paper documentation. And you also make enormous savings on paper. Search through different areas of plant documentation – for instance your equipment documentations, additional operating instructions or safety-relevant plant regulations – these are just a few of the many documents you can access so elegantly.

Why don’t you try it? Download the demo version in Google Play Store and see what amazing things LiveDOK.mobile can do.

LiveDOK.mobile has many practical applications. We would be happy to show you how it can provide effective support. Just contact us: