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Michael Brendelberger tells:

So simple that everyone can use it.

At present we have about 1500 LiveDOK users at BASF in Ludwigshafen. The secret of LiveDOK’s success is the fact that it is so simple, and it was immediately accepted by our plant personnel. The documentation is accessed by craftsmen, trouble-shooting teams and engineers alike. Tedious check backs and even on-site inspections have been drastically reduced, and we can perform electronic analysis of our plant’s assets at any time.

We notice big time savings in the revision of documents after redlining, which has the advantage that changes flow into the documentation very quickly and we always have the current documentation with us when we are on the move. Before we started using LiveDOK, these changes often took a considerable time. Another plus point is that everyone sees the redlining entry before revision, and is thus informed about the current status.

When looking for documents we also save a huge amount of time. Previously we had to search for the relevant items among the paper documentation, and even then we couldn’t be sure whether it was the latest version. Thanks to the full text search function we can now find the necessary document in seconds. If unexpected faults occur, we can act quickly and replace defective components. This means we hardly ever experience downtimes any more. Since we started maintaining our plant with the support of LiveDOK, we have a big proven increase in plant availability.

Today we can be sure that no information will get lost, because information is entered directly on mobile devices. One useful addition to the system is the versatile App LiveDOK.mobile. Our plant personnel can photograph the condition of a plant, and add the picture to the plant documentation by just pressing a button. In this way, factual situations which need clearing up can be effectively documented – without lengthy explanations.

Thanks to LiveDOK we are very flexible and this makes us more effective in our approach. We can vary the size of the data packets to be revised as we wish. For internal processing we keep the packets as small and as up-to-date as possible. For external contractors, we specifically aim to collect the data packages and send them together. In this way we have successfully minimised the resources needed for maintaining and changing documentation, and optimised our revision management.

Another big plus is that we can print out all plant alterations at the touch of a button. This is a great help to us in preventive maintenance.

Today, we can’t imagine effective plant maintenance without LiveDOK.


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