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Intrinsic Safety Certificates: Save time and keep an overview

ATEX standards not only stipulate the parameters for intrinsic safety, but also require their certification if an Ex(i) device and an associated device are interconnected.

Both ATEX standards and industrial health and safety laws require the intrinsic safety certificates and the relevant inspection certificates to be documented. Without software support, the certificates are often collected in paper files, and it’s easy to lose an overview. The necessary calculations involved are usually extremely complex.

In the master data of ProDOK NG you can store EU type examination certificates and certificates of conformity, and from there can assign them to your projects. If necessary you have the possibility of creating several sets of safety-related data for an inspection certificate, and assigning them to the certified device types.

ProDOK NG also simplifies the generating of the intrinsic safety certificate for you by making it easy to interconnect two EU type examination certificates. ProDOK NG provides its users with a calculation routine in line with DIN EN 60079 which enables them to calculate maximum permissible cable length. This takes account of both the 50 % rule and the reduction of values for concentrated capacities and inductivities for explosion groups IIC and IIB.

The values of active and passive components are compared, thus ensuring that the interconnection of the devices is permissible, and establishing which criteria the interconnection fulfills.

Plant operators have to be in a position to present this complete documentation to the TÜO (technical supervisory organization) at any time. This is another substantial benefit of ProDOK NG: the documentation necessary for the required provision of evidence can be generated at the touch of a button, meaning you are always on the safe side.

With the support of ProDOK NG’s calculation and documentation of intrinsic safety certificates, it is a simple matter to fulfill the requirements of ATEX Guidelines and industrial health and safety legislation. You also save a great deal of time, and always have a complete overview of your intrinsic safety certificates, including all inspection certificates.