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Process Control Engineering


Evonik Degussa GmbH - Klaus Herber, Manager Documentation EMSRT/VTMK, Wesseling

„We have been able to increase efficiency in the area of E&I documentation, by integrating the data from process engineering into ProDOK.“

Corporate Engineering BASF SE - Christian Hoff, Senior Manager, Ludwigshafen

„ProDOK is a reliable and widely accepted engineering tool and is in use at all BASF´s larger locations in Europe.“

Linde-KCA-Dresden GmbH - Dr. Eckhard Ritte, Head of I&C Department, Dresden

„The installation firms in Russia will surely be able to use our documentation now without any communication difficulties. The bilingual reports of ProDOK are an invaluable aid to understanding.“

BASF Antwerp N.V. - Albrecht Helmer, Manager Technical Governance, Antwerp

„When changing from our old system to ProDOK, about 1,4 million individual attributes had to be imported for the basic engineering. The specialists from RÖSBERG supported us and converted over 18 millions items of data for about 13,700 loops and more than 61,000 I&C devices in absolutely record time!“

Aluminium Oxide Stade GmbH - Holger Groether, Plant Manager Instrumentation and Control, Stade

„We were impressed how quickly ProDOK was installed and operational.“