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Process Control Engineering


Many of my measuring points and device data are in Excel. Can I use these?

In ProDOK NG there is a comfortable import module which enables you to load data from a wide range of systems. Import can be performed several times, changes from the previous status are shown and recorded.

Can I work with the system straight away, or will I need extensive customizing?

ProDOK NG is ready to use straight away following installation. ProDOK NG is preconfigured for automation technology on the basis of our over 25 years of experience, and covers the requirements of both plant engineering and operational support.

Can I adapt and extend the standard libraries and reports?

ProDOK NG provides comfortable editors for standard libraries and reports.

Can I pass on to others my databases created in ProDOK NG?

Any database created with ProDOK NG can be passed on, because the object structures are standardized. Customer-specific extensions are possible nevertheless.

Can I use my data in future with new ProDOK NG versions, too?

Each time there is a new version of ProDOK NG, we make a module available which enables your data to be automatically upgraded to the current version. Many plants which were planned and built using ProDOK nearly 30 years ago are still being maintained with the present ProDOK NG version.

I would like to be able to draw up logic diagrams very easily. Can I do that using your system?

ProDOK NG offers a module for the creation of logic diagrams which is very easy to use. Cross-references and the marking of revisions are generated automatically by the system.

Are the licenses tied to a workplace or can I make PRODOK NG available to several employees?

ProDOK NG offers a license model based on the principle of simultaneous use. You can install ProDOK NG at as many workstations as you want and it can then be used simultaneously by as many people as you have licenses.

When planning, I often don’t know right from the start what type of device is going to be used. Can I proceed with my device engineering?

ProDOK NG supports an iterative planning process which allows for data that are often still incomplete in the early planning phases to be recorded, and then completed later on.

Can I integrate ProDOK NG into my existing system landscape?

ProDOK NG offers adaptable interfaces which enable bidirectional data exchange in any format as desired, for example XLS, XML, CAEX, NE 100, Plant XML.SQL databases can be accessed directly.

I already have a program for P&ID diagrams, can I connect ProDOK NG to it?

In ProDOK NG there is a comfortable import module for process data, which can be connected by adaptors to any required P&ID diagram system.

Can I use ProDOK NG on my laptop?

Thanks to its moderate system requirements, ProDOK NG can be used on any usual PC with Windows.

Can I exchange data with Microsoft Office?

With ProDOK NG you can import data from Microsoft Office and save documents in Office format. You can also integrate already-existing Office documents into your plant documentation.

Can I calculate Ex(i) certificates with ProDOK NG?

ProDOK NG offers a function for calculating intrinsic safety certificates. The relevant EC-type examination certificates are integrated and are a part of the documentation. Intrinsically safe standard circuits are stored in the master-data library.

Can I administer my SIL data and documents?

With ProDOK NG, all the data and documents needed for SIL calculation and documentation can be integrated and maintained.

Can I plan and document my periodic inspections?

You can draw up inspection instructions and assign them to the objects to be inspected. Inspection intervals can be freely fixed as required. Schedule planning for upcoming inspections is performed automatically.