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Facts and advantages

Why select ProDOK NG?

  • Fullfils all requirements of I&C engineers
  • Used by EPCs and Owners/Operators
  • Easy to use, flexible, cost efficient
  • Ready to use out-of-the-box
  • Low customization effort
  • Successfully used by international companies for many years
  • Wide base of installations in I&C area
  • Continuously developed for more than 30 years
  • Outstanding excellent support

Your advantages


  • Save up to 30% of your engineering time
  • Shorten time to market
  • Save up to 50% of quality management time
  • Reduce trouble shooting time
  • Save time for change management
  • Easy integration in existing IT environment


  • Reduce man power per project
  • Reduce cost of commissioning
  • Reduce instrumentation expenses
  • Use standardized documents and procedures
  • Easy document review
  • Short time for implementation

ProDOK NG for Owners/Operators

  • Supports the complete plant life cycle, from design & engineering to operations & maintenance
  • Enable all users to access consistent, current information from a single data source
  • Enforce engineering standards
  • Keep plant information up-to-date
  • Plan plant expansions or DCS modernizations
  • Better schedule plant shutdowns & maintenance operations
  • Improve plant uptime, safety & compliance
  • Exchange data with suppliers, saving time & increasing data quality and compare offers electronically