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PAM - Plant Assist Manager

Guided Process Operation

Server-Client based system

Users are connected via clients to the central database on the server, and thus have access to all relevant data.


Connection between the system components can be by W-LAN or Ethernet, depending on the intended application.

Connection to MES / ERP

Thanks to the exchange with other database-based applications, handwritten errors and double entries are avoided and the consistency of the data is ensured.

OPC Connection

The exchange of real-time data between any required DCS/PLC system and the PAM system facilitates monitoring, controlling and archiving.

Order Management

The generating, managing and user-specific representation of orders is easy using the Order Management function.

Resource and User Management

Here the master data and user data are managed as well as the hierarchical representation of user groups and user rights.

Customer-specific Visualization

On-site visualization can be easily adapted to the customer’s requirements.

Alarm Management

Alarm management also functions independently of the superordinated DCS. Thus it is possible to show only the relevant alarms without the superordinated control system being affected.

Built-in RFID/Barcode Technology

This enables the user to be identified unambiguously and ensures that the correct order is being processed.

KPI Analysis

Using the statistical function, the key performance indicators can be identified on the basis of the archived data.

Drawing up Reports

The activities which have been carried out are automatically documented in customer-specific report documents.

Electronic Signature

A sophisticated signature system enables the whole process to be shown digitally.

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