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Real-Time Digital Plant Documentation


BASF SE Ludwigshafen - Michael Brendelberger

So simple anyone can use it.
The secret of LiveDOK's success lies in the fact that it is so simple and it was immediately accepted by our plant personnel. Operators, repair technicians and engineers can all access the documentation in the same way. There is a drastic reduction in time-consuming queries and wandering around searching for documents, and we can also evaluate any changes to our system electronically at any time.

Momentive Performance Materials GmbH - Karl-Heinz Graf

LiveDOK is ready for use in no time.
LiveDOK is very simple and intuitive to use. Within just a short time, our documents are available electronically and ready for use. This means we now have access to all the documents we need on mechanics, I&C technology and process engineering wherever we are in seconds. The simple red-lining tool means we have consistent plant documentation at all times.

terranets bw GmbH - Harald Zöller

LiveDOK helps us keep the floods of paperwork under control.
We have thousands of CAD and other documents and files on a single server. It is very simple to make these available as electronic system documents using LiveDOK. Any technical modifications are recorded directly in the documentation by the staff. This means we always have up-to-date "as-built documentation" of our system. Collecting changes means we can bundle revisions better and optimise expenditure on maintenance and modification of the documentation.