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Real-Time Digital Plant Documentation


Our operations involve the FDA - signed documents have to be submitted

Signed documents can be scanned in, the originals can be archived as before and referred to in case of doubt.

Does LiveDOK support work in the Clean Room?

With LiveDOK, you have the particular benefit that all documents are available on one device in the clean room environment, meaning there is no longer any need for the tedious process of passing documents through airlocks.

We already work with planning systems - can LiveDOK work with them, too?

LiveDOK can be adapted to a wide range of systems. The simplest way with complex systems is to export the files into a directory in PDF form.

A system generally only contains parts of the documentation. For a complete technical documentation, additional files / documents can be added to create a comprehensive documentation in LiveDOK.

We already have a DMS

LiveDOK is not a classic document management system. It makes the documentation available as-built. A DMS archives the originals - but who can say whether these are as- built or not? LiveDOK ensures that the originalsare subsequently maintained and can be archived in the DMS.

I still have a lot on paper

The documents can be scanned in with OCR (text recognition) and integrated into LiveDOK.

Do I need mobile devices for LiveDOK?

Mobile devices are not essential. Many of our customers use LiveDOK on PCs in control rooms and offices. LiveDOK enables documents to be printed. The printed documents are then used as working papers, and are disposed of again after use.

In LiveDOK, how can I maintain changes which can be only partially realized or not realized straight away?

Packages of changes can be generated which can then be fed into the As-Built documentation at the time they are realized.

What happens if I have changed something with a mobile device offline, and meanwhile someone has made a change online?

A conflict warning is received and both documents are shown. Then a decision can be reached about which changes are taken over.