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Facts and advantages

Your advantages

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple import and export function for various document types
  • Automatic keyword assignment for whole documents
  • High-performance search functions
  • Tried and tested red-lining tools
  • Can also be used on tablet PCs

Application area


  • Maintenance personnel have fast access to the current, updated documentation wherever they are. No more lengthy searches and inquiries are necessary.
  • Access to plant documentation no longer involves carrying around stacks of cumbersome paper files.
  • Changes can be entered directly in theplan on the PC
  • No need for time-consuming paperwork alterations in several different files
  • Changes are immediately accessible to all concerned

Plant Management

  • Using LiveDOK ensures that the as-built status of a document is always available
  • High quality in documentation with minimal use of time and resources
  • Redlining entries are logged and do not get lost
  • Minimal resources required to record plant changes, due to maintenance of the original documents
  • Low investment requirement
  • Faster correction of faults
  • Better revision management
  • Documents cannot become soiled or illegible or get lost

Plant engineering

  • During the construction phase and commissioning, changed documents can be sent directly to the specialist departments.
  • Specialist departments return the changes promptly, so that the updated documentation is available.
  • As-built documentation can be drawn up quickly and easily after commissioning
  • No more queries in the operative phase about how the plant is in fact constructed.
  • In inspection tasks and loopchecks, an overview of work progress is provided at all times by stamping tools and status values.
  • Inspection certificates with the options of stamp and signature can be used as documentation of proof.
  • No time-consuming process of drawing up paper documents, sorting them and filing them appropriately.
  • Overview of changed documents at all times.
  • Bundled processing of document changes optimizes time management
  • Changes that have been decided or discussed can be drawn in straight away on the plan and can be sent to all those concerned directly after the meeting in the form of minutes.

Quality Management / Safety

  • Access to quality-related documents at all times
  • Modification of documents is simple when changes need to be made
  • Guarantees that all those concerned have access only to the updated document
  • Users can enter comments, remarks or improvements/ corrections directly.