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Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

Rösberg sees itself as a full service-provider for process automation and IT.

Rösberg is a family company shaped by fairness, the willingness to perform and the courage to take on new ideas.

The company is primarily run by persons from within the owner family.

We are improving procedures and processes across all departments. Our work is results-focused to the benefit of our customers.

This is based on the values set out in our company philosophy, which form the basis for the actions of every single employee.

Aims and Values

The aim

We achieve the profit required to ensure Rösberg's successful, sustained further development and secure the company's future. Long-term success is a higher priority than short-term profit.

This is why we create, preserve and shape jobs and thus add interest to the capital we have invested.

We develop and implement strategies and measures based on our values.

Rösberg's values

Our company activities are based on the following key values:

Our thoughts and actions are based on continuous development and innovation in all areas, we are open to new ideas and ready for change. This creates added benefit for us and our customers.

Each of us makes a pro-active contribution to the success of Rösberg. We are revenue-oriented and value-based.

Our behaviour is fair, appreciative and self-critical, we are credible and reliable, comply with all relevant laws, standards and cultures and expect the same from our partners.

The People

The following principles are derived from our aim and our values - these form the benchmarks for our daily work and the successful shaping of our future.

The employees

In terms of responsibilities and values, the fact that we are different is a real benefit for Rösberg.

We make an active, responsible contribution to change processes.
The key characteristics we demand are a focus on success, loyalty, reliability, risk-awareness, flexibility and mobility.
Our qualifications are based on professional training and development and personal development to ensure we are ready to face the challenges of the future.
To ensure a sustained contribution to the success of Rösberg, we consider our own professional and personal development to be a reason for action on an ongoing basis. This also involves continuous improvement in our workplace in order to provide the best possible services and results.

The management

We promote and encourage performance because target-focussed and value-oriented employees are the most important factor in our success. This provides the foundations for the success of our company.
In order to guarantee improvement, we continually measure our management work and results against the criteria in this company philosophy.
We agree targets based on these key values and based on standard framework conditions. Our management conduct is exemplary, appropriate to the situation and appreciative. We set particular store by comprehensive, timely recipient-oriented information and appropriate feedback.

We provide our employees with suitable opportunities for their own development and provide appropriate measures to support them. We implement the ideas of our employees and hope that they are proud of their work.
We provide performance-related pay and future-proof organisational forms and working methods.

Dealing with one another

We have mutual respect for one another as service-providers and respect one another's personal and cultural differences. We support one another, irrespective of positions and processes.
We provide punctual, comprehensive information and utilise positive and negative feedback as an opportunity to develop. All our relationships are correct and reliable.

The Products, Software Solutions and Services

The Products, Software Solutions and Services

We provide products, software solutions and valuable engineering services based on our area of expertise and core business of process automation with strong synergies with automation and IT.

We utilise the best problem solutions to provide the best possible benefits and help our customers to be successful against their competition.
This is why we provide the agreed service in the correct quantities, at the right time, in the right place, with the right quality and at the agreed price.
In order to achieve this, we involve internal and external parties and those responsible actively and at an early stage.
Quality, performance and user-friendliness apply to products, software solutions and services in equal measure, based on the applicable standards.

Our Behavior

Relationships with business partners

We act reliably and consistently, have a trusted working relationship with our clients and partners and involve them in our processes to ensure continuous improvement and innovation.

Social responsibility

We are aware of our social responsibility. We are essentially in favour of democracy and a social market economy.

Where possible, company representatives should be involved with the relevant panels, bodies and associations.

We maintain PR and press relations.

We comply with others' rights and intellectual property and promote the respect of our own rights.

We invest in training and continuous development and support external educational institutions.


Industrial and plant safety, protection of health and the environment

Each employee shares in the responsibility to protect human beings and the environment in his or her area of work. All applicable laws and regulations on environmental protection or industrial safety must be fully complied with.

Each superior has the duty to instruct, supervise and support his or her employees in assuming this responsibility. In areas where there are no safety, health, environmental regulations or company guidelines or standards, employees must make decisions on their own initiative, where necessary in consultation with their superior.